Unix + Oracle =

Unix and Oracle form a powerful combination.
Ixora specializes in unleashing that power.

Oracle Performance Troubleshooting

Ixora specializes in helping customers to resolve complex Oracle performance problems.

Why choose Ixora?

Many consultants and support organizations are ineffective and do little more than waste your time and money. Ixora is different.

Real solutions
Ixora offers a rare depth of knowledge that is invaluable in complex problem diagnosis and resolution. Ixora has made Oracle tuning a science, and can be relied upon for correct assessments and sound advice.

Ixora's consulting assignments are always brief because Ixora diagnoses and fixes problems very quickly. Most issues are resolved in a few days.

Act now!

Whether your problem is CPU usage, latch contention, an I/O bottleneck, or an Oracle bug to work around, Ixora can help. Ixora has solved these and many more problems on systems from large data warehouses to intense OLTP and web-based systems. When you have a complex and critical Oracle performance tuning problem, you need the highest level of skill available. (However, please note that Ixora does not work for companies in the tobacco and gambling industries).